Day 15 We Believe

I have to say that our family continues to believe Rory will wake up and recover from this terrible virus. We believe in miracles We have seen them happen. We have been blessed with the help of so many generous people. Thank you Brian Collins for contacting your connection at a local TV new station. Thank you, Chris Sign at ABC Channel 15 Phoenix for interviewing Dani and I so we could get the word out about our wish to bring Rory home. Without you we would not have been able to get a free medical flight. I believe that the events that took place yesterday were the results of all of your prayers. Thank you. Rory continues to fight for his life. His fever has been gradually rising since yesterday morning. They keep in under control with Tylenol and ibuprophen.Doctors have cultured everything and have not found an infection other than the encephalitis. We are hoping to learn the results to an MRI tomorrow. His EEG was the same as before. Really deep coma. :(
I spent a good portion of today making phone calls to several hospitals in Washingon looking for a long term acute care facility. It looks like there are only three within two hours drive of Silverdale. We have a family friend checking one out tomorrow. She will meet with the charge nurse and ask all of the necessary questions. She is a nurse herself so we feel fortunate that we have her to help us. The tentative plan is to fly Rory and I home this Sunday or Monday. As soon as we are sure which hospital is best we will confirm the travel arrangements. "Soon, Rory. Very soon you will be back home."